The early years

When I first started caring for chicken, I was only 5 years old. I loved them from the start, but I also liked to harass them. When I was young, I loved to chase my chickens all over the yard. But one day one of my chickens, died. It was the saddest thing, I ever saw. That is how I developed my deep love for chickens, I gave my chickens the greatest love a kid could ever offer.

I love my chickens, and I hope you do to!

The little mother

My chickens are wonderful layers, but only one can sit on eggs, for 21 days. She is a Americana Bantum one of the, smallest chicken breeds in, the world! All the other hens bully her, but when she had chicks, it was a different story. When chickens sit on, there egg they go, broody. This means she will try with all the, her chicken power to protect her eggs.

This hen has been a proud, mother three times.

The chicken!

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my silkys

If you get, chickens you probably, get them because, they lay eggs. But there can be, another reason! These are my, silkys. They are, wonderful! I love them because, not only did they lay ,pink eggs but because there are, very tame.

Silkys are not, breed for meat not, even the roosters. Silkys are way nicer then other chickens, they aren’t even very fast. There best defense is hiding, this is what they do if they, get bullied by the, bigger chickens.

My silkys are like my pets, that lay pink eggs.