I got some beautiful peacocks and are free ranging them now! It is so amazing to have beautiful peacocks walking all around the yard! There is three of them.

Our friends had to move and their yard was to small for their peacocks so they are letting us watch them for a few years! I will be so sad when the peacocks will have to go. 😭

Growing up

My little chicks are growing so big so quickly! There almost old enough to care for themselves. It’s been a little rough for these guys, they have had a skunk come in once and they get bullied by the other chickens. But there growing up and soon will be able to take care of themselves .

her name is puffin. She is now two months old.
Her name is white feather. She also two months old.
Her name is fluff. She two months old.

Chicks hatched!

I have been waiting a long time for these guys to hatch they are my silky chicks!

I was supper excited for my silky chickens to hatch some eggs. I have never hatched any fancy chickens before! They are SO cute and funny I love them so much! Please give this post a like if you think these guys are cute.

Chickens top 10 amazing facts

Here are some awesome facts about chickens that will ruffle your feathers!

  1. Chickens turn their eggs 50 times every day!
  2. chickens have to eat 4 pounds of food to lay a dozen eggs!
  3. The Record of eggs lay in 24 hours is 7!
  4. Chickens can remember 100 faces animals or human!
  5. 147 chickens are killed every second world wide!
  6. There are more chickens on earth than people – 25 billion!
  7. In South Korea, there are more fried chicken restaurants than there are  McDonald restaurants worldwide!
  8. Mother hens talk to their chicks while they’re still in the eggs, and the chicks can chirp back while in the shell.
  9. Originally, chickens were domesticated for the use of cockfighting.
  10. The longest recorded flight by a chicken lasted for 13 seconds at a total distance of 301 feet.

Why did the chicken cross the road

The honest answer to this is I don’t know there can be many reasons why a chicken crossed the road. So why did your chicken cross the road you can tell me in the comment section below!

It is their job to cross the road

The early years

When I first started caring for chicken, I was only 5 years old. I loved them from the start, but I also liked to harass them. When I was young, I loved to chase my chickens all over the yard. But one day one of my chickens, died. It was the saddest thing, I ever saw. That is how I developed my deep love for chickens, I gave my chickens the greatest love a kid could ever offer.

I love my chickens, and I hope you do to!

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